Paws and Padlocks

An Exciting New Tabletop Adventure!

The Quest

About the Game

The evil Slime Queen has stashed her most valuable treasures within her fortress known as Slime Castle. This has attracted many adventurers from far and wide, to try and nab her majesty’s treasures!

With a magical Key Pouch in hand, you are able to traverse the maze of rooms and monsters that guard the treasures inside.

Will you be quick enough to get your treasure and escape before everyone else, or will you be trapped inside Slime Castle forever?

Paws and Padlocks is a game in which players take on the roles of adventurers trying to steal treasure from Slime Castle.

The adventurers are using Castle keys from their Key Pouch to explore. They hope to collect Krystal Keys, the only keys that can unlock the rooms holding all of the Queen’s treasure.

Once an adventurer has their treasure in hand, they must make it back to the entrance and escape from Slime Castle before anyone else!

Meet the Adventurers

Playable Characters

  • Apple the Archer
  • Aurum the Alchemist
  • Barrel the Barbarian
  • Coral the Cleric
  • Knick the Knight
  • Nori the Ninja
  • Simone the Seer
  • Thimble the Thief
  • Willis the Wizard
  • Your Character!

Enter Slime Castle

How to Play and More!



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Here’s a video overview done by Tom of Slickerdrips!

Join the Adventure

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We are live on Kickstarter! We’ll be running from June 14 – July 11!

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Development Blog

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January 3, 2017 @ 2:00pm

Kickstarting a New Partnership!

Hey everyone, this is gonna be our first blog post ever so please bear with us! First of all, we hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays. Secondly, we have some very exciting news to share with…
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